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We can help you get affordable auto insurance if you have an accident, DUI/DWI or moving violations on your driving record. Shop around and see what other insurance companies will charge you for an SR22.

SR22 Car Insurance Explained In Simple Terms

The DUI process can be very confusing, especially for first time DUI violators. The more informed you are from the start of the DUI process, the better off you will be in the end.

SR22 – What is It?

SR22 Insurance
is a document that shows proof of financial responsibility. You’ll need an SR-22 if the police caught you with DUI or DWI or any serious moving violation, and you’ll be required to carry the SR22 for up to three years.

Though the SR-22  is similar in all 50 states, you always need to check with your insurance company to verify SR-22 specifics for your state. SR-22s are state specific, and what’s required in one state may not apply in another state.

Drinking alcohol and driving are, all too often, a lethal combination. In the past years, alcohol was involved in 123,630 highway traffic deaths, as well as many more thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in auto damage. Among drivers of passenger cars, light trucks, and motorcycles, about 40 percent of those fatally injured had consumed enough alcohol to be presumed guilty of drunk driving in most states.

It is estimated that if there were 10 percent fewer drunk driving accidents, the annual savings could be 22,400 lives, 700,000 injuries and billions in insurance claims. If only one thing could be changed about driving in America that would significantly affect the numbers of deaths and injuries on our nation’s highways, the cost of insurance claims, and the price of auto insurance, it is the prevention of drunk driving.

Compare SR22 Insurance Quotes

In addition to SR22 information, we also provide affordable SR22 insurance quotes. Ready to get a quote? Start by entering your zip code into the quote box above!

As of 2010, in at least 40 states, arrest for some alcohol-related driving offenses can result in suspension of a driver’s license independent of the outcome of criminal charges. This is sometimes referred to as “administrative per se license suspension.” Insurance Institute for Highway Safety research indicates that such laws reduced late night fatal crash involvement by 9 percent.

Raising the drinking age to 21, finding new ways to combat the problem of repeat offenders, and increased liability for sellers and servers of alcohol among the other measures states are using to reduce the toll of drunk driving.

We offer SR22 car insurance quotes for drivers, and what’s more important, we offer affordable insurance to high risk drivers. Simply enter your zip code in our quote tool to get started.

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