Arrested for Drunk Driving?

What Should I Do If I’m Stopped For Drunk Driving

If you are stopped for drunk driving, you will be asked to take a blood test or a breathalyzer test. If you refuse to submit to the test as requested by the police officer, your license will be suspended for failure to take the test, no matter whether you are ultimately found guilty of drunk driving. Find cheapest SR22 insurance if you have been suspended or cancelled.

We observe the dilemma of the “single” person in our society who drives to a Disco or Western Club for a night of dancing and socializing. The “singles bar” is a national custom advanced by television commercials and aggressive advertising. The drive to the “singles scene” may be 100% sober with a blood alcohol level of .00—the drive out is precarious.

Now if there were no parking lot, it is doubtful if that person would be there, for certainly the available street parking would be far less than adequate. And since 300-400 parking spaces are the usual requirement for these clubs, it is unlikely that a club or disco would even be at the location.

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But given the supposition that on a nightly basis, every “single” who elected to go out dancing decided to use taxicab transportation, there wouldn’t be an ample roster of cabs or cab drivers to service all those passengers for all those clubs. And certainly there wouldn’t be enough time to do it all within the time span of two to three hours. Compare cheapest sr22 insurance rates on our site!

It is obvious that these clubs are in existence and operational only and because there is in fact a parking lot for convenient use by the patrons.

There is quite a dilemma going on inside the clubs too! They are there to sell a product and make a profit. There are musicians and DJ’s to pay—bartenders, waiters, and waitresses, porters and PR agencies, liquor sup-pliers and brewers. They have got to sell that hooch and pay the bills. A loyal company minded bartender, waiter or waitress keeps a close watch on empty and near empty glasses. Pushing the drinks is the name of the game.

After all if everyone came to mingle, dance and loiter for the purposes of spending an evening without spending a buck, the operator’s position would be that this was economically unsound. It just couldn’t work that way. So the pressures are there quite strongly on the operator and employees to fill those glasses, even though they are aware of a capacity filled parking lot, with vehicles which are going to be driven by those same patrons intimidated into buying the drinks.

Those same drinks which are going to be helpful in causing drunk driving (DUI), arrests, or highway disasters. The “single” driver wrestles with mixed emotions right up to the time of arrival into the parking lot, and tries not to think of all the possibilities of serious confrontation that may erupt upon departure. All the sober and intelligent reasoning lead to but one conclusion—not to drink. That’s quite clear.

But he/she enters the door of paradox and dilemma in the belief that there is no other choice. Its just a fact of life. Girls, boys, men, women, dancing, music, new people, social success, respite from loneliness, all await. And all that has to be done is the controlled methodology of self government. Know your own limit. Order the drinks tall. Drink slowly—hardly at all. It sounds easy!

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