Debates over Compulsory Auto Insurance

It will be the same with the automobile. A thousand and one betterments of every kind must and will be introduced. These include greater care in granting licenses, more drastic penalties for careless driving, and improvement in the streets themselves, as well as in traffic regulations. Whether compulsory insurance should be introduced is a debatable question. Get sr22 insurance quotes now.

One of the automobile associations, which presumably does not favor compulsory insurance, advocates the universal denial of highway use to persons who have failed to pay a judgment rendered against them in a court of competent jurisdiction. It also advocates, most sensibly, legislation to prevent a person who has been ruled off the road in one state from moving to another and there operating a vehicle. Finally, it suggests that the thirty states now without a driver’s license law shall promptly adopt one. All these suggestions are highly constructive.

If adopted, they might well obviate the necessity of countrywide compulsory insurance, which is almost inevitable otherwise. But even if these measures are adopted, the need for carrying insurance is not done away with. All the forces of education and publicity should be employed to induce the owners and drivers of automobiles to carry insurance designed to protect themselves as well as others. Indeed, it is difficult to conceive how any law- abiding person has the hardihood to own or operate an automobile without such essential protection from loss.

The prevention of accidents and the solution of traffic problems have many strictly engineering features. But the human and regulatory aspects are just as important. Gradually the law must close down not only upon the reckless but equally upon the financially irresponsible driver.

One fact emerges crystal-clear: the impelling necessity for substantially uniform regulations in these matters. The automobile is in no sense intrastate; it moves across state boundaries at will. It is a very saddening confession of our incompetence to handle our own inventions that in one state anyone can step into an automobile and drive it off, and in another state the strictest of physical and mental examinations are required. Uniformity and universality of laws and regulations to banish reckless and financially irresponsible drivers from the road are crying needs of the day.

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