Driving Under the Influence Consequences

Stopped for Driving Under the Influence?

Drunk driving is a serious crime in all 50 states. The information below may be helpful if you are stopped for driving under the influence (DUI).

Still in all, it is unrealistic to accept the concept of parking facilities in these locations on the unsound premise that each patron will successfully and responsibly self govern the amount of alcohol consumed. It is equally unrealistic to assume that the average citizen will arrive in a chauffeur driven vehicle rather than a personally driven automobile. We hope that the articles presented here will assist you in familiarizing yourself with driving under the influence consequences.

The dilemma is further compounded by the fact that although a. 10% blood alcohol level is usually required for conviction of the charge of D.U.I, it is not necessary for a drinking driver to reach this level of impairment, so that the flashing red lights atop a Police cruiser might be activated. All an officer needs is probably cause, which is determined by instinct and opinion of the driver’s actions on the road. Those actions may be the violation of some minor traffic ordinance or infraction. None the less, it is probable cause.

Driving Under the Influence Consequences

When the officer smells the aroma of alcohol, it is cause to go forward in the investigation and make determinations as to possible arrest and follow up chemical sobriety tests. One drink only, is sufficient cause for the procedure to be set in motion. It is solely up to the discretion of the arresting officer, and you are at the mercy of this judgmental process. Driving under the influence consequences are serious.

Now we are not going to address themselves here to those people who drink at home or elsewhere, get a buzz on, and then proceed to drive to another destination so they can drink some more. That kind of drinking driver is a menace, and it is obvious that such a drinker does not belong behind the wheel of a vehicle. It would be safe to assume that he/she would be well advised to give up drinking altogether.

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Our concern is with the implications which are made to the average citizen who is the social/moderate drinker. That may be you! You are led to believe that it is perfectly natural and safe to imbibe on the premises and then drive away in your own vehicle. No matter what the public service announcements declare in the messages, you may feel free to ignore them. The existence of the parking lot suggests it is O.K. In some cases a parking attendant will even park your car, and return it to you, after a few cocktails or beers.

What we see is the perpetuation of a cat and mouse game between Law Enforcement and the public. Although problem drinkers are the main targets of cruising patrols, as they should be, so often the social drinker becomes the victim of an arrest and prosecution on the charge of D.U.I. It happens for several reasons.

An officer knows almost for certain that in 99% of all arrests, the suspect will be unable to afford the required legal fees to bring the matter to trial. And even though the results of a chemical test might describe the blood alcohol level as far below the legal maximum of .10%, the suspect may be booked and charged anyway. The aroma of alcohol on the breath is sufficient cause for booking, and only the District Attorney’s office may dismiss or reduce the charge after that point. Learn more about DUI and Driving Under the Influence consequences in our further articles.

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Officers are in a dilemma too! Faced with the daily task of evidencing alertness and activity in the field, even the most well meaning and humanitarian approach by sincere officers may bring about unjustified arrests, because of the pressures placed upon them by an outraged public and an ongoing advertising campaign to stamp out drinking drivers.

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