Driving Under The Influence – DUI Laws

Driving Under The Influence – Know Your Rights

Problem drinkers and chronic alcoholics cause havoc on our city streets and highways, and whatever the solution to that problem of driving under the influence is, you won’t find it here. There are voluminous reading materials to be found in journals and reports by sociologists, law makers, and law enforcers about the problems of alcohol abuse and addiction.

Medical and legal articles fill the libraries. Alcoholics Anonymous and similar agencies deal with solutions and aids in arresting the disease. We can offer very little to the general academic discussion or to the drinker who is addicted. We are not qualified to do so. The heavy drinker should not be driving. As a matter of fact the minimal drinker should not be driving either.

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We have the cheapest SR22 insurance rates around. Get Free quotes now! We do not deal with the matter of whether one should or should not drink. That’s not the business at hand. Our focus is upon the average person and what awaits, if after a social drink, or two or three he unwittingly becomes a Driver Under The Influence.

We examine the paradoxical situation facing the social drinker. In doing so, we draw from personal experience in a look at the system: Law Enforcement, the Courts, the Jails, Prisoners and Attorneys. Farthest from our mind is to point an accusing finger or cast a shadow on the integrity of any part of the system. Nearest to our mind however is to educate the social drinker to the knowledge that after the first drink, he is at the mercy of a tough system, manned by some tough people. And he is in this tough situation not because he is a social drinker, but because he chose to drive a vehicle after consumption of the alcohol.

The objective here is to alter driving habits which are combined with social drinking. We will acknowledge the inconvenience to those drivers, and vividly describe the alternative inconvenience of an arrest for driving under the influence. The former will appear mild by comparison.

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The laws governing driving violations while under the influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol will be found in the Motor Vehicle Codes set up by each of our fifty States. Needless to say, these provisions will vary from State to State, with additional influence exerted by local City and County ordinances. The prosecution and Court proceedings also vary, as do the criteria of what constitutes a valid and crucial blood alcohol level. Find cheapest sr22 insurance rates now.

The blog articles deal with the State of California, which may very well be similar in its approach to many other States, and quite dissimilar to others. However, we do not think it matters at all which State is observed, for the consequences of drinking and driving are severe no matter where you are. The rules change a bit here and there, but the basic logic and thrust may just as easily be applied anywhere else than California. The victim of a drinking driver doesn’t care what part of the United States the disaster occurred, and neither do the drivers who are stopped for investigation by the arresting officers.

It is our purpose therefore to alert and scare the hell out of social drinkers everywhere to the perils of driving under the influence. And we will not believe that this effort has the possibility of failing to do just that.

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