Drunk Driving – DUI & DWI

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The following case published by sr22-insurancequotes.net on their blog is indicative of the court’s feeling toward drunken driving. Plaintiff was an employee of a dairy company. About 1:30 A.M., he was delivering milk to the patrons of the company. His milk wagon was proceeding east on the south side of a public highway and in close proximity to the curb.

The defendant approached in his automobile from the west on the south side of the highway, crashed into the milk wagon, and knocked plaintiff to the pavement, causing serious physical in-juries.

The jury found the defendant guilty of gross negligence and assessed damages in the sum of $24,250. A number of witnesses testified that defendant was under the influence of liquor immediately after the accident. Two witnesses testified that, when they arrived on the scene and asked what was the cause of the accident, defendant replied, “Who the hell cares.”

On appeal, the Court said: “We hold that the driving of a car upon our highways by one intoxicated fully responds to all the elements necessary to constitute gross negligence. . . . The driving of a car by one in such condition betrays the absence of any care, and indicates such recklessness and wantonness as evinces an utter disregard of consequences.

We would not have it inferred that one is always to be deemed intoxicated when the smell of liquor is upon his breath. But the coincidence of a breath tainted with liquor on the part of one responsible for a most distressing accident and whose natural instincts prompt the discourteous retort above quoted, has its implications. If one who has indulged in a social glass assumes to drive his car, it behooves him to do so in an extra cautious manner if he would avoid the consequences resulting from such inferences. We are not disposed to disturb the verdict of the jury that the defendant was guilty of gross negligence.

If you’ve been arrested for DWI/DUI and don’t think it’s fair, you need a lawyer who can protect your rights. Looking for SR22 insurance? Get a quote today! Here’s another actual court case. The decedent was killed by a train of the defendant company at a crossing while attempting to negotiate the crossing in his automobile. There was evidence also that the wigwag signal was not working at the time when the train approached the crossing. The evidence, however, showed as clearly that the decedent was guilty of contributory negligence; for though he was partially deaf, he failed to stop, look and listen before proceeding over the railroad crossing.

The reviewing court said that if the decedent had had good hearing, it was possible his attention would have been called to the impending danger, and that his life would have been spared. The fact that he suffered with this infirmity demanded that he should have exercised more care in making the crossing than would have been required of persons with normal hearing.

If involved in an accident, check the other driver’s license. See if it is subject to any restrictions. License violations may furnish a clue which will prove your claim. At the same time, don’t you take a chance. If required to wear eye glasses or a hearing aid- wear them.

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