DUI Defendants Denied Bail After Arrest

He had several costly expert witnesses to testify for the defense. Among them was a Medical Doctor, and an expert in the field of Gas Chromatograph equipment. He had the legal representation of a prestigious law firm, and the added boost of personal contributions, for he was an attorney himself.

It was a lengthy trial, lasting almost two weeks—twice the time allotted for most
D.U.I, trials; with a jury who pondered the question of guilt for several days before returning to the courtroom with the announcement that they were a “hung Jury”—unable to reach a verdict.

The Councilman declared to television news reporters that the trial had cost him $15,000, and that this represented his entire personal savings. Though the trial had depleted these funds, he stated with joy that this “hung” jury proved that: not only was there a great doubt about his guilt, but that in fact “the system works”!

He was shocked a few days later, when the District Attorney’s Office decided to press the charge and procede with a second trial. This was further proof that the system in fact does work! On a subsequent interview with television news reporters, he announced that he was economically unable to defend himself in a new trial.

He accepted a plea bargain offer and entered a plea of guilty to the lesser charge of “reckless driving”. He paid a comparatively small fine and was placed on a two year probation of adhering to the stringent rules set forth as part of that probation.

“You can’t fight City Hall” may not be the absolute rule, but certainly we can observe here, that even an insider will have a pretty rough go when his limited funds take on the unlimited resources of the State.

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