DUI Drivers Denied Release

If you are destitute, without family, friends or permanent home, and your profile comes up in the depiction of an indigent, you can start thinking about a considerably long stay at the City Jail, until there is a disposition in your case.

Because OR has been denied, and you are incapable of negotiating the services of a bail bondsman, you will have to be detained until the first possible opportunity of arraignment before a magistrate. This could be the following day, unless the arrest took place on a Friday or Saturday, in which case, it would not be until Monday morning, or barring a legal holiday, the next available session of the court.

To make room for those arrested sub-sequent to your own booking, the local precinct or station will have to clear the holding tanks, transferring the prisoners to a much larger facility. For this purpose a large bus, usually operated by the Sheriff’s Department, and running on a daily schedule of pick up and delivery service, makes the rounds of all those jails holding prisoners for transfer.

Prisoners are handcuffed in pairs, and arranged on the bus for the trip which might last several hours if not longer. It is a depressing ride, especially if the “bus” happens to be a closed “prisoner van” without windows. Whatever the conveyance be, it certainly will not be a sight-seeing pleasure ride, and your traveling companions may not be to your liking. But, it is for sure the reality of the moment, educating you to the meaning of the word “inconvenience” and the high risk and cost of driving under the influence.

The holding tanks in the large City Jails are distinctly more generous in size. Whereas you might have been part of a thirty prisoner community at the local station, your new cell mates may number eighty to one hundred and more. The pressures of intimidation by prisoners are increased as are the toilet facilities and benches. But the lack of social graces, toilet seats, and tissue remains status quo.

The admittance process is much the way you imagined it to be even with a limited knowledge acquired as a television viewer. Strip, body search, delousing, issue denims, and maybe an orange or bowl of mush to eat. D.U.I, prisoners do not get any soap or towels, toothpaste or brush, comb or cologne. What they do get is an earful of endless claims of prisoner innocence, and jailers strict enforcement of the rules.

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