Hiring a DUY Layer: The Adjuster’s Point of View

SR22 Insurance Tips: Should I Hire a DUI lawyer?

SR22 Insurance companies pay legitimate claims. They realize it would be poor business not to do so. Adjusters are instructed to pay all fair claims promptly.

Some people think adjusters get more money if they hold down claims. That is not so.
Adjusters are paid on a salary or time basis. They have no personal financial interest in the outcome of a settlement. If a claim is justified they are glad to work out a satisfactory settlement.

Get the settlement money when you need it. Why drag the thing out? The garage man wants his money when repairs to the car are completed. Outstanding hospital and doctors’ bills are a nuisance.

Some claimants think they can speed up a settlement by retaining a lawyer. Usually it doesn’t work out that way—if you get involved in a lawsuit, your case has to wait its turn. Months, even years, may slip by before it is reached for trial. All the while, you are uncertain of the outcome. You may end up with no more than you could have settled for at the outset.

You have to pay the attorney’s fee. Some people think they can collect their attorney’s fee over and above their actual claim. That isn’t so. You pay the attorney’s fee out of the amount you recover.

Suppose you retain an attorney on a 33*/$ per cent contingent fee basis. If the case were settled for $3,000, you would get only $2,000—the other $1,000 would go to your attorney.
It’s your claim—how much is it worth to you?

That is the important point. You know how much the case is worth to you. If the insurance company will pay what you ask, why not settle?

Adjusters and attorneys, in attempting to figure out the value of a claim, try to predict what price a jury would fix on it. But juries are unpredictable. After all, the jury is made up of average citizens from all walks of life. Those on the jury probably know no more than you about automobile claims. Yet they will be the ones to say how much, if anything, you should receive.

When you sign a lawyer’s retainer, you are bound by it. The claims adjuster usually is put on notice by the attorney and from that time on the adjuster has to deal with the attorney. Even if the insurance company made you a satisfactory offer (not knowing you were represented by counsel) you would not be free to accept it.

You would have to check with your attorney and, unless he waived his rights, you would have to pay him. Find sr22 insurance quotes now!

Before retaining a lawyer consider that:
1. Insurance companies will pay legitimate claims.
2. Usually you can settle a claim quicker—if you handle it yourself.
3. It’s you that pays the attorney’s fee—not the insurance company.
4. If you can make a satisfactory settlement—why not do so?

You may end up with less if the case is taken to court. If you cannot make a satisfactory settlement by yourself, or you feel you are entitled to something more than the insurance company will pay, then hire a lawyer. Compare sr22 insurance.

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