Posting Bail For DUI

If you have been booked on a misdemeanor D.U.I, and there was no accident, injury or death, you may qualify for OR release. You will be set free without putting up any financial guarantee that you will appear for an arraignment of the charge, on a specified date.

The important considerations for an OR release are length of time at residence and employment, vehicle registration and ownership, arrest history and degree of impairment and/or intoxication. A watch commander will make this determination at your request. In other words, your good name and promise will be accepted in lieu of the usual $300-$500 bail.

Otherwise you will need someone on the outside to put up the bail in cash, or a bail- bondsman who will post a bond which guarantees your appearance at the arraignment proceeding. The fee for this service is 10% of the amount of bail plus a minimal flat service charge.

If you have an attorney who you can call in such emergencies, then he/she could either post bail in cash or check; or he could vouch for your good name to a bail bondsman and you will be set free as soon as the arrangements can be made.

Without an attorney, cash or check at your immediate disposal, you will have difficulty in making connections with a bondsman you have never met before. Even with enough cash in your valuables envelope at the property desk, you will have to establish yourself as a resident in good standing; with job or business, bank account, or any information verifying that you are not “just passing through” and maybe skip out on the bail, leaving the bondsman liable for loss in the amount of the bail guaranteed.

Any bail posted for you in cash or check, is refundable at the conclusion of the court proceedings.

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