Profile of Drinking Drivers

SR-22 insurance quotes for drinking drivers

A driver under the influence is six times more likely than a sober driver to have a crash. Furthermore, such a driver of 25 times more likely to have a crash.

Effects of Alcohol

In view of these findings, a growing number of states are lowering the BAC level at which a person is presumed to be under the influence to .08. This move is supported by the Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving and was a recommendation of the DUI Task Force. Which makes it even tougher on people who need to obtain sr22 insurance quote?

The belief that coffee, showers or food will help reduce alcohol’s effect on the body is false. Only time will remove these effects. It takes the body approximately one hour per drink to metabolize alcohol.

The following are facts about drinking drivers that need sr22 insurance

• The average DUI offender is 33 years old; 63 percent of those arrested are under age 35.
• In 2009, the number of women arrested for DUI decreased 26 percent from 2009 but has increased 9 percent since 1990. Women comprise 15 percent of those arrested for DUI, up from 12 percent in 1990.
Profile of Drinking Drivers (in need of sr-22 insurance quotes)
•During 2009, males age 21 to 24 had the highest DUI arrest rate (22.1 per 1,000
licensed drivers). This rate was almost four times higher than that of other drivers arrested for DUI (6.6 per 1,000).
• Alcohol-related crashes occur mostly on weekends. The drivers involved in these crashes usually have a BAC of nearly .20, twice the legal level of intoxication.

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