SR22 Auto Insurance and Crashes: Speed and Stopping Distances

SR22 Auto Insurance: Speed and Stopping Distances

The following court decision shows how normal “stopping distances” can be used to establish speed. Compare SR22 auto insurance quotes on website.

A pedestrian was killed crossing the street. On the pavement leading back from the rear wheels of the death car were two marks showing the car had skidded a distance of about forty feet. Testimony was offered to show the distance in which the car could be stopped when traveling at various rates of speed.

The Court held that proof of “stopping distances” was proper and said:
“The skid marks positively identified by the witness as being the marks made by the rear wheels of the car involved, tended to establish excessive speed, unless it be true that a car of that character, while traveling at the authorized rate of speed, could not be stopped in less than forty feet.

The evidence, therefore, was competent, not to show the exact speed of the car but to show whether or not a car of that character, going at the authorized rate of speed, could be stopped in less space than was apparently required to stop this car. This is not an assumption but positive proof. It is not such evidence as establishes an inference but tends to establish a fact.
Whenever a driver’s view is obstructed, he may be required to slow down to a walk, or to stop completely if he is unable to see the road ahead.

Irrespective of speed limits, caution may require an operator of an automobile to slow down at intersections, curves and railroad crossings. The same applies to going down steep hills.

Don’t be a “slow poke.” Slow driving may be a source of danger or a hindrance to traffic. The day of the “horseless carriage” is no more. Now the hue and cry is “keep moving.” The Uniform Act expresses public feeling on this point as follows:

Minimum speed regulation
No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law.

In theory, violation of the minimum speed law could hurt your claim. As a practical proposition it almost never would. Find SR22 auto insurance.

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