SR22 Car Insurance: Accident Facts That Help or Hinder Your Claim

SR22 Car Insurance: Accidents Don’t Just Happen

There is a “key” to every accident. Accidents don’t just happen. They are caused. Generally there are a combination of factors that cause an accident, but usually one stands out as the primary cause. Search for sr22 car insurance quotes on

You should know the important or common causes of accidents. They can make or break your claim for injury or damage.

Your car may be a thing of beauty—but not a joy forever. Once it gets rolling at an excessive speed, it becomes an instrument of death and destruction.

Speed is the biggest single factor in causing accidents. As indicated by the facing table, each state has attempted to shackle the monster, speed, by setting limits on how fast you can go.
Evidence that you exceeded the speed limit may cost you money in the settlement of your claim.
Reasonable speed. You may be negligent even though traveling at less than the speed limit.
Actual court case: While crossing the street, a woman was struck and seriously injured by an automobile. She sued to recover for bodily injuries. At the trial, the Court instructed the jury that, even though the rate of speed at which the automobile was being driven did not exceed the legal speed limit, such rate of speed might be negligent.

There is no definite way to determine what constitutes a reasonable rate of speed. What is reasonable speed depends upon the particular situation. We all know that under certain circumstances a high rate of speed is not necessarily dangerous. A speed which would be safe, reasonable and proper in some places might be hazardous in others. In order to determine what is a reasonable speed, a court or jury would have to take into consideration (1) amount of traffic, (2) width and grade of the street or highway, (3) condition of the highway, (4) time of day or night, (5) weather conditions, (6) the driver’s familiarity with the road, (7) his position on the roadway, and (8) condition of the car.

Bearing on the questions of speed and negligence is the ability of the driver to stop within a reasonable distance. Courts have held that a driver must keep his speed down to such a rate that he can stop within the distance in which he can plainly see an obstruction ahead. Compare sr22 car insurance quotes online!

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