SR22 Insurance: When and How You Should Consult or Hire a Lawyer

SR22 Insurance: Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer?

SR22 Insurance adjusters and lawyers naturally disagree on the need for hiring a lawyer. Here are the arguments—pro and con, the lawyer’s point of view.

This is an age of specialization—in medicine, science, engineering and all branches of business. The handling of insurance claims is a specialized field. Insurance adjusters are trained for one job —the investigation and settlement of claims.

The average auto accident claimant is not qualified to handle his own case without the advice or assistance of a lawyer because:
1. He is not trained to investigate and evaluate the facts of an accident.
2. He has no knowledge of the rules of law for determining liability and legal damage.
3. He fears litigation and is loath to “go into court.” While waiting and confused, the claimant may be sued by the other party to the accident.
4. He would not be on an equal footing with an experienced adjuster whose job is to save money for his company.
5. He has little experience in the skills and techniques of negotiating a settlement.

Exceptions prove the rule. Sometimes there are unusual men and women who, by reason of native ability, experience or training, can deal effectively with anyone. Such people are rare.

The lawyer, on the other hand, by virtue of his education and experience is qualified to advise the claimant:
A. Whether he has a valid claim.
B. For what amount he should settle.
C. How to match the insurance adjuster if he indulges in a game of bluffing or horse-trading.
D. Whether it would be to his advantage to start immediate court action.
The lawyer is the champion of the rights of others. He will not handle a case unless he can render service of value. His fee will be in proportion to the benefit received by the client.

Find SR22 insurance quotes online. Here are a few simple rules to follow:
1. If there is any dispute as to who was to blame for the accident—then consult a lawyer.
2. If your claim is for personal injuries or the death of a relative—then consult a lawyer.
3. If your claim is for repairing the damage to your car, and there is no dispute that the other driver was to blame for the accident, then you probably do not need a lawyer.
You can always consult a lawyer, for a nominal fee, without further obligation.

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