Stopped For Driving Under the Influence?

Find out what will happens if you are stopped for Driving Under the Influence

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The pressure is on in all these bars and night clubs! The general attitude of, “we don’t want you hanging around if your not going to spend” is effectively transmitted. And the pressure comes from many directions. Not only from the employees but from the subtle demands the patrons place upon themselves, and the people they meet.

He wants to make a good impression. He is macho and anything but cheap. She wants to appear sophisticated and affable. So they drink and dance, and then some more, and then maybe do it again with another new acquaintance.

Singles activity in clubs is most alive between 9:00 PM and midnight. Three hours of continual pressure from the house, supported by the games people play among themselves. One ounce of alcohol equates to a blood alcohol level of approximately .0250%. Consuming one ounce every forty five minutes during a three hour period builds to an approximate total of. 10%—with modifications in accordance with the individual’s rate of metabolism. That rate will vary according to height, weight and organic factors. Generally speaking, the metabolism of alcohol or “burn off” equates to approximately .0125% per hour.

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Let us say an individual consumes four one ounce cocktails at forty five minute intervals: 9PM, 9:45PM 10:30PM and 11:15PM-By 12:15AM a little past midnight and just about the time to leave, three hours would have elapsed from the time of the first drink, until the last— with a total “burn off” of approximately .0375%.

Deducting the total “burn off” from the total presumed level of. 10% the remaining blood alcohol level would be approximately .0625%. Now this will vary because of the individual factors and the external factor of the actual weight of each drink. Some bartenders are prone to be generous, while others are not, and so one is usually never exactly certain as to the amount of actual intake at the time. One thing is certain though—the level of .06% is significantly high and pretty close to the level of .10% defined under law to be definitely impaired.

Driving under the influence is a serious offense. Find cheap DUI insurance on our website. Approximations, uncertainties, individual and external factors will come together in a form of genuine substance in the final analysis of a blood, urine or breath test. And although there is much debate and dispute about the validity of various breath testing results, the consensus of opinion is, that the other two testing methods are in fact quite valid, offering accurate readings.

The degree to which a patron yields to personal pressures or those of management will determine the number of drinks consumed, but regardless of the amount, the breath aroma of alcohol prevails and persists from the first drink, and gives cause for suspicion, when and if stopped by a patrol car.

Examine too, the plight and pressures applied to dining couples, or business associates meeting at the end of a work day, who order a drink while waiting for dinner to be served. They too, have been invited to park in the lot, and take up coveted space in the establishment whose primary function is to sell and profit from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

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