What is Mandatory Car Insurance

Traffic regulation laws have been gradually enacted, but enforcement is another matter. The average jury hesitates to give a man a jail sentence for the accidental killing of someone who may have been at least partially at fault. Learn more about sr22 insurance here.

So road congestion plus the generally inadequate traffic regulations and their tame enforcement, PLUS the financially irresponsible drivers, have created the present situation in which traffic regulation, motor vehicle registration, licensing and certificates of title, and the establishment of financial responsibility in some form, compulsory or otherwise, were proposed in about two hundred bills in the forty convening legislatures, demonstrating in fairly conclusive fashion that something ought to be done to provide actual relief.

The automobiles of the United States take a heavy toll in human life and loss of earning power. The annual bill for the cancellation of so much earning capacity alone, without regard for damage to property, is not less than $600,000,000. The primary step, everyone agrees, is to attempt to reduce this sum as rapidly as possible.

That the total can be reduced a great deal is questionable, unless we assume that the population of the country will remain at a standstill in the future and that the present number of automobiles per capita will not be increased. In the meantime, what is to be the procedure for those automobile accidents to persons which either cannot be or will not be eliminated?

Shall we continue the present system, or modification of it, which treats the matter of loss indemnity as a private matter, to be adjudicated between the immediate parties to the accident; or, as is being projected by an increasingly vociferous group, should the state interfere in the name of its police power and take steps to make more certain the indemnity of those injured who have valid claims against the automobile operator?

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